This is a collaborative process. We engage students invested in sustainable development with an interest in how this is harnessed in educational environments. They put together an aspirational programme of transformation for the study building. It forms the core of the project undertaken by students studying in MSc Advanced Sustainable Design. Through a series of collaborative teaching session between the two groups a series of building proposals have been created. They provide a tangible vision and design strategies that animate and give traction to the original programme.

These projects are used again as a focus of a short series of workshops by the original student commissioning group who are able to discuss, edit and prioritise the visions and combine them to make an immersive series of proposals that bring aspirations alive through the vehicle of design and visual communication.

“I thought it would be a good way for students to come together from different backgrounds and for me to learn from them as well.” 
Clifton Estaban

project partner


project partner

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